Welcome to all those learning Haskell

Whether you're just starting out learning Haskell, or struggling to figure out how to put what you've learned into practice writing real-world programs, or even a functional programming expert trying to delve further into the niche corners of the ecosystem, we all know the pain of frantically Googling heaps of esoteric concepts that we've never heard of, desperately trying to piece together an understanding of Haskell through tiny scraps of information scattered across the internet.

Digging through inscrutable research papers, overly-pedantic StackOverflow questions, and far-flung blog posts, scrambling for that one spark, that one "a-ha" moment where it all clicks into place. Sound familiar?

None of that here. Here, on this blog, is where you'll find no-nonsense explanations of Haskell concepts, written in plain English, connected to the real-world applications you'll use them for. No crazy mathematics, no formalism-laced brainmelters that only a multiple PhD could understand. Haskell, explained for the working developer.

Sound good? Great, let's dive in. Below are some of my best articles to start.

Applying Haskell to real-world problems

Fundamental concepts

Beginner-level Haskell

High-level design philosophy

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